Product warranty and quality need to be backed by service excellence. Engaged customer support and fast service ensures that equipment powered by Colibri Lithium Batteries have maximum availability and minimum down-time. 

We want to explain how Colibri ensures that battery and equipment availability is maximized. 

  • Remote Service: Battery health is constantly tracked by Colibri’s telematic system and analyzed by Colibri engineers. Colibri’s engineers can remotely troubleshoot batteries and support teams accordingly, minimizing service time.
  • Consignment and Training: Colibri can provide training for customer technicians to troubleshoot and service locally. This reduces service time considerably. In addition, Colibri can provide consignment tools & parts that can be used if required. Technicians are supported remotely via our telematic system and Colibri engineers. 
  • Modular Design: Colibri’s modular design makes service easy and fast. 
  • Local Service Teams: Colibri has a trusted network of regional and global service teams, assisting customers if required. 
  • Colibri Flying Engineers: Colibri engineers assist customers globally and support local teams.

If you would like to learn more about Colibri’s mechanisms to maximize battery availability, get in touch with our Sales Team!