Reduce operating costs and maximise fleet flexibility at a lower cash expenditure than lead acid or diesel.

Easy Replacement 

Over 50% savings compared to lead acid/diesel.

Replace your lead-acid batteries with cost saving lithium batteries. Lift your ground operations to the next level and save cash with Colibri Energy’s Lithium Battery Rental.

Save Costs

Reduce your costs with Colibri lithium. Our batteries don’t require maintenance, have a longer lifetime and increase overall fleet availability in comparison to lead-acid. Operate non-stop at a 3-shift airport with ultra-fast opportunity charging.

Save Cash

Reduce operating costs and maximise fleet flexibility at a lower cash expenditure than lead acid or diesel. Learn more about our rental and leasing solutions.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries vs Lead-Acid Batteries – What are the differences?

Tractors, Push-Backs, Forklifts, Order-Pickers and electric pallet trucks - all need a reliable battery. When it comes to deciding which battery to choose, customers usually have two options: Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid.  In the following, we would like to have a...

Abu Dhabi Airport is the 7th Airport in the Middle East to use Colibri Lithium Batteries and Chargers!

Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) becomes the 7th Airport in the Middle East to operate Colibri-Lithium-Batteries. Together with TCR, Charlatte and Etihad, baggage tractor fleets are now powered by Colibri-Lithium-Batteries. Colibri-Batteries reduce overall...

Service Excellence – Anytime and Anywhere

Product warranty and quality need to be backed by service excellence. Engaged customer support and fast service ensures that equipment powered by Colibri Lithium Batteries have maximum availability and minimum down-time.  We want to explain how Colibri ensures...

Why do leading ground handlers power GSE with Colibri Lithium Technology?

We are Colibri Energy - the most innovative manufacturer of Lithium-polymer-battery-systems for GSE and material handling. Engineered and manufactured in Berlin, and  with a strong track record since 2013, Colibri lithium batteries are operated at over  20...

Colibri extends its USA market share

We proudly announce strong growth in the American ground handling market. Colibri-Lithium-Batteries are operated at 7 major airports in North America, including Vancouver, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Calgary and Charlotte. Fast-charging, zero-maintenance, and our 5+ Year...

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport takes advantage of Colibri’s 2nd Life Lithium-Battery solution!

In order to contribute to greener ♻️ and cost saving ground handling operations, Colibri Energy has provided a 2nd Life to Colibri-Lithium-Batteries at Bangkok Airport  🔋.    Colibri’s modular design enables customers to re-use existing systems with new...

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We are proud to announce that we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.    

Statement to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear friends,  In order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, governments across the globe have implemented travel and gathering restrictions for their populations.  As we write this, we are particularly conscious of the impact these restrictions are having on...

Celebi India receives its first order of Colibri lithium batteries

Celebi India joins Celebi in Istanbul and Budapest in using Colibri Energy lithium batteries in their ground handling operation in Delhi. With an unmatched track record in Istanbul and Budapest, we are very proud to deliver the first lithium GSE batteries to India....

Abu Dhabi Airport switches to Colibri lithium technology

Abu Dhabi Airport now joins six further airports in the Middle East to convert their baggage tractor fleets into Colibri lithium powered. Together with TCR and Charlatte, Abu Dhabi & Etihad will have their first fleet of Colibri powered Charlatte baggage...


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